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    BPC series electrical control cabinet


    • Introduction

      BPC series electric control cabinet has been developed by our company with years’ experience in production and application. It boasts for its elaborate design and continuous improvement and is durable in use as it consists of selected domestic or imported components.

      According to the starting mode, it can be divided into four categories: direct starting, autotransformer starting, Y-△ reduced voltage starting and soft starting. According to the different needs, we have developed seven types of cabinet: cabinet of Liquid level control, pressure control, temperature control, time control, - air conditioning joint control, fire control and cabinet dedicated to submersible sewage pump. Protection function will be activated when short circuit , default phase, overload and overcurrent occur in primary loop and leakage and overtemperature are found in pump body and stator winding. Each category can be further divided into individual control type and primary and stand-by pump mutual control type, in which, in case of failure, the primary pump stop running, and 

      BPC series product can be widely used in agricultural production, municipal engineering, water supply, drainage and firefighting for high buildings, automatic control part of booster pump, boiler refilling for cold and hot water circulating pump and sewage treatment system. It is also suitable for control and starting of other leading motors and regarded as ideal unit for all kinds of water pumps.

      highest ambient air temperature≤40℃,lowest ambient temperature ≥-5℃

       average temperature of ambient air temperature within 24h ≤+35℃

      altitude of the installation site≤ 2000m.

      Air monthly maximum humidity≤90%(when average temperature is 25℃)

      Non explosive dangerous medium in the air should not contain Conductive dust than can corrode metal and destroy insulation.

      working voltage is 380±10%. 




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