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    Municipal drainage
    Submersible Drainage Pump


    1)Excellent passing capacity via CFD optimized 2)Smooth operation 3)Waterproofing Motor 4)Widely Used to municipal & industry

    • Other advantages

      <1>Electrical motor:

      High-performance water-resisting squirrel-cage-type motor, Class H stator winding (≤180°C) and longer service life. IP68 protecting class, inserting heat sensor for each phase of stator winding. Direct starting for 3 kW or 3 kW below, ?starting, reduced voltage starting or soft starting for 4kW or 4 kW above.      
      Electrical motor also applies to other voltage and frequency. 
      Fire proof motor conforming to international standard and applying to dangerous occasion is optional, for example dIIBT4etc. 

      <2>Shaft bearing :
      Service free upper/lower shaft bearing is designed as 50000 hours service life, and assembly of temperature probe according to requirement is allowable. 

      <3>Cooling system:
      Cooling system is divided into open-type circulation and cooling system and close-type circulation and cooling system, which ensures normal operation of motor below/above level surface. 
      Open-type circulation and cooling system: Pumps parts of liquid and circulates it from back side of impeller to clearance between tube cooler and casing to remove heat generated by motor, provided with excellent flow property and performance avoiding blockage  Close-type circulation and cooling system: Eliminate heat with build-in rotating wheel, which is provided with performance of blockage-less and service-less.

      Separate motor and pump with two layers of mechanical seal, which provides motor with diplex protection.Mechanical seal material at side of pump adopts tungsten carbide/tungsten carbide and it at side of motor adopts graphitetungsten carbide. Special device and spiral seal groove at backside of impeller provide the unit with long-period and Effective protection without enwinding. 

      <5>Shaft :
      The unit adopts coaxial and shorter-overhang design, which depresses interference of shaft, reduces vibration, depresses noise and prolongs service life of mechanical seal and shaft bearing. 

      Adopts CFD optimizing design, which transports liquid in perfect flow, speed and maximal efficiency without blockage. User could select impeller model as eddy flow, single channel, duel channel, or multi-impeller according to difference of
      pumped medium. 

      <7>Cable seal:
      Separated sealing connection box. Adopt waterproofing and sealing cable,  and  provide  inlet wire with  anti-tension  and anti-wind protection.

      <8>Monitoring system:
      Equip each phase of motor with temperature sensor that sends out alarm signal ands shut down power supply automatically if motor suffers from overheat.
      Optionally equip upper/lower shaft bearing (s) with temperature sensor that sends out alarm signal ands shut down power supply automatically if motor suffers from overheat.Sealing monitoring device is used for monitoring if water immerges into oil chamber from shaft seal. In addition, there is set with individual sensor in motor chamber and connection chamber of motor of 30kW above, which should perform early warning if leakage occurred. 


      1.    Power supply: 380V, three phase, 50HZ.
      2.    Medium temperature: not exceed 40°C, PH value: 4-10, medium density =1050kg/m3.
      3.    Position of pump should not lower than minimum level during operation. Refer to “ minimum level”in installing dimension diagram (include automatic cooling system). Motor should run under level if no automatic cooling system is equipped. 
      4.    Please use two-phase stainless steel material for application relating to corrosive industrial effluent. Not apply to medium containing deepetching liquid or deepetching solid particle




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